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About us

Who are Northline?

Northline was established in 2000 with the aim of bringing together traditional accountancy services with dynamic consultancy support.

We recognised that the commercial environment was changing, and that in order to survive and thrive, firms would need business and advisory services that kept pace with the evolving landscape.

Our Philosophy

To have a bespoke operation that was intimate enough to understand and deal with all client needs but strong enough to have all the commercial and financial skills, experience and back up to make the crucial difference.

High-calibre professionals with a wealth of practical experience

As this change has accelerated, driven by globalisation and technological innovation, our services have continued to develop in parallel.

Yet our underlying principles have remained the same, and our business remains founded upon the expertise and experience of our high-calibre accounting professionals. But we’re more than just number crunchers. Our consultants have the ability to create innovative solutions to diverse challenges, and to exploit all kinds of new opportunities.

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, because only by fully understanding your business can we provide the kind of advice and support that adds value and delivers ongoing success.

Financial Services

Whether you’re starting a new venture, managing an existing business, raising finance or seeking new investment, effective business planning is essential.

Most businesses require additional capital at some point in their lifecycle, yet poorly structured financing can present significant commercial risk to a business.

Good corporate governance is about far more than simply meeting your statutory responsibilities.

Accurate forecasts provide greater transparency around financial performance, enabling you to manage your business more effectively.

To your staff, efficient payroll management is probably the most important function within your business.

Accurate and timely production of VAT returns and year-end accounts is an essential requirement for any business.

Every business owner, partner or board of directors should have a clearly defined long-term objective.

Efficient tax structuring can reduce your overall tax burden, increase profitability and play a significant role in the long-term success of your company.

Specialist Services

The complex nature of today’s commercial landscape requires firms to have expertise in a wide range of specialisms.

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It’s not unusual to experience disputes between business partners, shareholders or other stakeholders.

For senior executives, it’s not always feasible to find support within their own organisation, and that’s where an executive mentor can add enormous value.

Interim executive support can add enormous value both to struggling businesses and high-growth companies.

Even the best-run businesses can experience a skills gap in the boardroom, particularly during phases of rapid organisational change or high growth.

Effective tax planning is about taking advantage of all appropriate personal allowances and exemptions.

Northline’s standard Tax Structuring service ensures your business is tax-efficient and fully compliant with HMRC requirements.

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