Specialist Services

Specialist Services

Specialist Services

As well as a mainstream service, Northline offer a wide range of services to give tangible help on high level matters that face companies, their Directors, proprietors and individuals alike.

We offer a bespoke and flexible service to match both your current and future requirements. Take a look at our service offerings below or please contact us to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet the needs of you or your business.

For senior executives, it’s not always feasible to find support within their own organisation, and that’s where an executive mentor can add enormous value.

Northline’s standard Tax Structuring service ensures your business is tax-efficient and fully compliant with HMRC requirements.

The complex nature of today’s commercial landscape requires firms to have expertise in a wide range of specialisms.

It’s not unusual to experience disputes between business partners, shareholders or other stakeholders.

Interim executive support can add enormous value both to struggling businesses and high-growth companies.

Even the best-run businesses can experience a skills gap in the boardroom, particularly during phases of rapid organisational change or high growth.

Effective tax planning is about taking advantage of all appropriate personal allowances and exemptions.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your business requirements in more detail.