Executive Mentoring

Advice and guidance for senior executives

Executive Mentoring

We can all benefit from advice and guidance at some point in our professional lives. Yet for senior executives, it’s not always feasible to find support within their own organisation, and that’s where an executive mentor can add enormous value.

Our executive mentoring service enables business leaders to draw on the commercial expertise of the Northline senior team and our network of specialist associates. We are able to provide close support and impartial advice, uninfluenced by career ambitions or internal politics. And with a wealth of experience in diverse sectors, we can offer new perspectives and new approaches, and often propose innovative solutions that hadn’t previously been considered.

Sounding board, technical advisor or trusted counsellor

Our service can be tailored to the requirements of the individual and their organisation. Some businesses benefit from mentoring through specific activities, such as acquisition, expansion or merger. Some seek ad hoc professional advice from an industry expert, while others value a longer-term relationship, in which the mentor plays the role of trusted advisor and aide.

To understand how executive mentoring can enhance your ability to lead, talk to the Northline team.